Canapes Menu



Non Vegetarian @ £2.00 each



Tandoori Chicken: Chicken (NV)


Chicken Malai Kebai (NV)

Chicken marinated in cheese and cream, cooked with Indian spices in tandoor


Chicken Wings (NV)

Chicken with bones, marinated in selected Indian spices, cooked tandoor


Fish Amritsari (NV)

Tilapia marinated in spices and fried in batter


Tandoori Lamb Chops (NV)

Lamb chops, marinated with selected Indian spices, cooced in tandoor


Lamb or Chicken Samosa (V/NV)

Triangular filo pastry filled with either chicken or lamb mince with peas & fried.


Lamb Sheekh Kebab (NV)

Minced lamb prepared in selected spice, cooked in tandoor


Lamb shami Kebab (NV)

Minced lamb cutlets with spices, fried in egg batter


Lasuni Chicken (NV)

Cube chicken marinated in garlic and selected indian spices, cooked in tandoor


Vegetarian Canapes @ £ 1.75 each


Paneer 65 (V)

Lightly lndian cheese cooked with mixed capsicum and selected spices.


Shahi Paneer (V)

Indian cheese cooked with fresh green chillies in a hot and spicy curry sauce


Vegetable Samosa (V)


Vegetable spring rools (V)


Paneer tikka (V)


Kachori (V)


Cheese, Cherry & Pineapple Stick (V)